What technology is used here?

Daniel Bisig und Ephraim Wegner


The hardware combines an inertial measurement unit (IMU) and a microcontroller for processing and sending the IMU data via WiFi. The IMU measures rotational and linear acceleration of the body part to which it is attached to and also its absolute orientation. The IMU and microcontroller are both contained within a small casing that is equipped with a power switch and a connector to a battery. For wearing the sensor on the dancer's body the casing is placed into a textile sleeve that also contains a battery as power source.

The list of electronic components is as follows:
IMU: Bosch BNO055 with Adafruit Breakout Board
Microcontroller: Arduino MKR1000
Switch: 688-SSSS810701
Battery: any lipo that provides 3.7 V

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The Kinect Azure is a camera by Microsoft that records both a color image and a distance image. This camera is the successor of earlier consumer-oriented devices (Kinect 360, Kinect 2) and is aimed towards professional development applications.

Kinect: Microsoft Azure Kinect DK

Sensor Shoes

Several pressure sensitive shoes have been developed for a previous project entitled "movement X sound" that was conducted at the Zurich University of the Arts (https://movementxsound.zhdk.ch/). The shoes were used to explore the creative possibilities of interactively controlling sound synthesis through minute body movements. The projectis an attempt to closely relate the sensing capabilities of an interactive system to a dancer’s own body awareness which prominently involve aspects of inner perception.

The shoes are based on regular off-the-shelf foot-wear that has been modified. The shoes contain seven force resistive sensors that are taped onto an inlay. The shoes also contain a microcontroller, a WiFi module, and a battery, all of which are integrated into the sole. Depicted in the top-left image are the following components: 1: battery, 2: battery charger, 3: resistor array, 4: microcontroller. Depicted in the bottom-right image are the following components: 1: opening for accessing the microcontroller programming port and power switch, 2: opening for recharging the battery.

Sensor Shoes and electronic

Seven force resistive sensors are mounted on an inlay sole.


The list electronic components is as follows:
Microcontroller: Arduino MKR1000
Force Resistive Sensors:: FlexiForce ESS301
Resistor Array: CTS 770-81-R33KP-ND
Switch: SS-12D00
Charger: PRT-10217
Battery: Lipo 350 mAh

Download CAD-Files

Additional information is available: https://movementxsound.zhdk.ch/soundingfeet.html